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Team 2_Wellspring

Bảng: A

Số lượng thành viên: 3

Họ tên đội trưởng: Nguyễn Nhật Minh

Thông tin chi tiết đội thi

  • Thành viên thứ 2

    Họ tên thành viên thứ 2: Nguyễn Đức Minh

    Tên phụ huynh thành viên thứ 2: Nguyễn Ngọc Thiên Trinh

  • Thành viên thứ 3

    Họ tên thành viên thứ 3: Lê Anh Tuấn

    Tên phụ huynh thành viên thứ 3: Nguyễn Ngọc Thiên Trinh

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Mô tả bài dự thi

Hello everyone, we are Nhật Minh, Anh Tuấn and Đưc Minh. We come from Team 2 Wellspring Hackathon.

When hearing about the topic of Hackathon this year, we thought about A LOT OF POLLUTION in our earth! They are surface pollution, water pollution and air pollution. So we decided to create  a city in which we divided into 6 different areas.

The first part is about the main city, the second part is about the working area of workers and robots, the third part is about the forest biome, the fourth part is about the bamboo forest biome, the fifth part is about the ocean biome. And the sixth part is about the artic biome. So, first is the main city, the main city is where human live, obviously. The area is full of tree and lots of tree houses, there is a main building which is the most important building of the city! It have 4 floors which include a receptionist floor, a bank floor, a police force floor and a plantation floor for all of the plants. Then we have a working area, where human and machines work. We have an auto sugarcane farm, an auto watermelon farm and a wheat farm! Then, moving on to the forest area where there are lots of animals such as pig, sheep, llama, horses, and also parrot. There is also a watchtower for human. Then, there is the bamboo forest which are the place where many panda live, there is a little shack for human and a path beside a river. Then there is the ocean area which is the home of lots of kind of water animal. Then we have the artic biome where the endangered polar bear. There is a include for human and 2 little caves for the polar bear, there is also a pond that have fishes as food for the polar bear! And that is basically it for our city thank you for listening!!!

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