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Team 1_Wellspring

Bảng: A

Số lượng thành viên: 3

Họ tên đội trưởng: Hà Tuấn Kiệt

Thông tin chi tiết đội thi

  • Thành viên thứ 2

    Họ tên thành viên thứ 2: Conor Minh Tierney

    Tên phụ huynh thành viên thứ 2: Nguyễn Ngọc Thiên Trinh

  • Thành viên thứ 3

    Họ tên thành viên thứ 3: Nguyễn Trương Trí Anh

    Tên phụ huynh thành viên thứ 3: Nguyễn Ngọc Thiên Trinh

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Mô tả bài dự thi

Hello everyone, we are Tuan Kiet, Tri Anh, and Conor. We are team 1 from Wellspring Hanoi. This year, coming to Hackathon 2021, we will be introducing our project called Green City.

As we all know, air and water pollution have become a massive problem all around the world. People even get diseases like cancer from polluted air, and only 1% of the water is safe to drink. Some of the slums in India must wash their clothes in polluted water.

Because of that, we have made a machine that can collect rainwater and filter them so that they are clean. All the cars that you can see are using solar panels, so they won’t pollute the environment. When the solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity, the electricity will go into the solar battery. And when sunlight is unavailable, the day-night sensor will activate the battery so the car can still work during the night. There is a farm, this farm can reuse the water by filter it so we can save water. We also use wind power to generate electricity to refill the solar battery if needed. In the center, there are treehouses. These trees will convert Carbon Dioxide into fresh oxygen. But some people in our city might doesn’t know anything about saving the environment. So, we open a class to teach them. The agent will plant more trees when a tree got cut down. We’ve also made a zoo to protects these animals can also help us plant trees like bees. A small restaurant for people to relax after a hard-working day. Next to the zoo is the trash factory. We will recycle the waste and the organic waste we turn into fertilizer, the bottle will be clean, and we can use it again.

Thank you for visiting Green City. We hope that you enjoyed our presentation and ideas. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them. We would also appreciate it if you can give us a vote.

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