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Light City_Team 3_Wellspring

Bảng: A

Số lượng thành viên: 3

Họ tên đội trưởng: Nguyễn Khải Anh

Thông tin chi tiết đội thi

  • Thành viên thứ 2

    Họ tên thành viên thứ 2: Trương Tấn Vượng

    Tên phụ huynh thành viên thứ 2: Nguyễn Ngọc Thiên Trinh

  • Thành viên thứ 3

    Họ tên thành viên thứ 3: Nguyễn Duy Tùng

    Tên phụ huynh thành viên thứ 3: Nguyễn Ngọc Thiên Trinh

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Mô tả bài dự thi

Hello everybody. We are Khai Anh , Tan Vuong and Duy Tung from team 3 of Wellspring. Coming to Minecraft hackathon 2021, we have prepared and built the Light city. Let’s go and see our project.

If you are used to work with sun energy light city is where you to live because we arent only using the ordinary sun energy , we also used moon energy. Not only sun and and moon energy we alo used AI in the houses to save as much energy as we can. The AI work like this. when you move closed to it ,sit light up and when you get away , it turn off.

In our city there will be a park as a lungs for our city , there will be animals and this also show how important tree is to our planet. In the center there will be a massive building that contain 2 floor. The first floor is a musium and the second florr will be a aquarium. So in the world turtle are almost extinct so we build a conservation for the turtle and we also have a agent system that can clean out the trash at our a beach, with all off this idea we want a green city that always bring happiness to everyone who live there.

If you lijke LIGHT CITY, please vote for usand thank you for checking our LIGHT CITY

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