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Dream Land_Team 4_Wellspring

Bảng: A

Số lượng thành viên: 3

Họ tên đội trưởng: Nguyễn Dương Bảo Minh

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  • Thành viên thứ 2

    Họ tên thành viên thứ 2: Nguyễn Minh Phúc

    Tên phụ huynh thành viên thứ 2: Nguyễn Ngọc Thiên Trinh

  • Thành viên thứ 3

    Họ tên thành viên thứ 3: Phạm Tùng Lâm

    Tên phụ huynh thành viên thứ 3: Nguyễn Ngọc Thiên Trinh

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Mô tả bài dự thi

Hello everyone, we are Tung Lam, Minh Phuc and Bao Minh. We are from Team 4 Wellspring Hackathon Ha Noi.

Global warming and animal hunting are burning issues that are highly paid attention all over the world now. A magical city is built to solve these issues and with us to join Hackathon competition this year for a Green city overall.

As its name, Magical city that everything in the city is magical such as houses, parks, factory, etc. First, let’s visit our factory. Machines in the factory have their own uses. There are trash bins everywhere in the city. The trash will be transported to Sorting machine in the factory to classify into organic, recyclable and unrecyclable trash. The organic trash will go through Fertilizer machine that turns the trash into useful fertilizers that will be better for the plant and environment for long term than the chemicals. Other machine is Wood compressor that is used to press milled wood or unused wood box into construction materials to build the house with less expense. The 3rd machine, Renewal machine that is used to renew plastic that will turn broken plastic bottles into new bottles for people to reuse, reduce plastic trash and protect the environment. The 4th machine is Material maker machine. Used plastic bottles will be burn into liquid then turned into brick by this machine. The same as metal and glass for building houses, the Renewal glass and metal machine that will burn glass, metal into liquid ant put them in to expected shapes.

Tl The 5th machine, Plastic energy maker is used to help turbine rotates by steam that is made from burned trash. The most important part in the factory is Filter system. All the dust from machines will go through these big filters so the air will be cleaned and safe for people live in the city.

Houses in the city are also special because they are made of plastic and glass that are products of material machines. To keep the house stable we use wood pillars that are made by wood compressor. At night the city will be lighted by the sea lanterns so it doesn’t need electric light inside the house. /

By using sea lanterns, night will be gently light up that helps reduce electric energy and protect insects from extinct by harsh light. In the city people also use wind energy and solar energy that will provide electrical bikes, cars… and reduce air pollution and provide green energy as well. There are plenty of parks with trees, animals that help people live comfortably and know how to take care of the environment, animal and people around. The parks will be city lungs and animal rescue.

This magical city is all for purpose of green planet that provide happiness, knowledge about green world and green healthy life either, it’s worth to live! Trust us, magical city is where magical things happen. Vote for us for magical green world!

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