Minecraft Hackathon – Final Gala of Tournament

12/06/2019 - 7:07

The final tournament of Minecraft Hackathon 2019 was successfully organized at Long Vy Palace, 3A Dao Duy Anh str., Hanoi on June 1st. The full-day program included a short tour to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum for 198 students in the morning, a “Smart city” exhibition known as the first round for 243 students from 71 teams and 14 students from Myanmar and a final evening gala for 10 on-stage performances of the best teams.

Regarding representatives from co-organizers, the nationwide competition was honored to welcome representatives from Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Microsoft Vietnam, Teky Young Technology Education Jsc. and other organizational sponsors presenting as judges and VIPs of the programs. Journalists from well-known media & press agencies also attended to deliver updated news about The Final Tournament of Minecraft Hackathon 2019.

The Final Gala successfully hosted a number of high quality contest products in not only creative ideas, innovative solutions but also excellent presentations. On behalf of the organizers, we should be proud of the teams’ outstanding performance, especially the top 10 teams presenting on stage. They are the best evidence for the professional quality of Minecraft Hackathon 2019.

Some of event highlights: 

  • 243 contestants from 71 teams in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Dong Nai
  • 13 international students from Myanmar attended as guest contestants.
  • VIP attend the Final Gala Event:
  1. Mr Nguyen Ngoc Luong – Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union
  2. Mr Doan Hong Ha – Deputy Director General of Student Affairs Department, Ministry of Education and Training
  3. Ms Nguyen Pham Duy Trang – Member of Standing Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.
  4. Mr Pham The Truong – Country General Manager of Microsoft Vietnam
  5. Ms Dao Lan Huong – President of TEKY Academy
  6. Mr Nguyen Hoa Binh – President of Nexttech Group of Techopreneuers
  7. Mr Dao Minh Phu – CEO of Nganluong Payment Solution JSC.
  8. Mr Nguyen Manh Hao – CEO of AMES English
  9. Mr Cao Minh Tri – CEO of Longvi Palace Convention center
  10. Ms Ha Do – CEO of Summit Education and others VIPs in the event.

Prizes list of the competition

Prize Board A Board B
First Prize Smeg Team Tomorrow land
Second Prize Chien binh xanh When pigs fly
Third Prize Smart City 10 – Chu Van An,

Wellspring 04,

Chicken Minecraft

G-H-B (Dai Duong Xanh),

Phong Phu FC,


Consolation Prize Future team,

Group 2 – Chu Van An,

Green Earth,

Wellsprig 02,

Sieu lon

Pro MNC Architect,


Pho King,


Java Dalia


People choice (Online voting) Wellspring 03 PCT
Best programming Nhom PRO – Tieu hoc Tan Mai,

City Advenger,

Wellspring 05

Lop 6P1 truong THCS Colette
Renovative design Smart City 5 – Chu Van An,

Nhom 2 – FPT,


Thanh pho toi
Best presentation Nhom 1 – Chu Van An,


Wellspring 01,

Bon ngoi sao vang

DVH-KX Smart City
Creative ideas My city in the future,

Dang cap,

Yen Hoa 1st


Toi ko biet

Event photos